World encyclopedia of aero engines

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This edition appears in the new century, which already takes the bypass ratio (BPR) of the latest turbofans to 11. Further increase in BPR is likely to require the addition of a speed-reducing gearbox, which will partly cancel out the advantage of a simplified low-pressure turbine. Geared fans were pioneered by Garrett, which has now, together with the gas-turbine business of Lycoming, vanished into Honeywell. Snecma has become part of Safran and, in partnership with Russia's Saturn, has created Powerjet to build engines for a Russian Regional Jet. It has also joined with other European motoristes to create the turboprop and single-rotation eight-blade propeller for the A400M airlifter. BMW Rolls-Royce has become Rolls-Royce Deutschland, Fiat has become Avio, and among many new start-ups are Agilis, GE Honda and Innodyn.Книга представляет собой илюстрированную энциклопедию авиационных двигателей, начиная с самых первых поршневых двигателей братьев Райт и заканчивая последними совместными международными проектами. Автор рассматривает все важные конструктивные особенности, включая последние исследования в двигателестроении во всем мире за последние сто лет. Последнее пятое издание.



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