Mechanics of aircraft structures

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This book is intended for junior or senior level aeronautical engineering students with a background in the first course of mechanics of solids. The contents can be covered in a semester at a normal pace. The selection and presentation of materials in the course of writing this book were greatly influenced by the following developments. First, commercial finite element codes have been used extensively for structural analyses in recent years. As a result, many simplified ad hoc techniques that were important in the past have lost their useful roles in structural analyses. This development leads to the shift of emphasis from the problem-solving drill to better understanding of mechanics, developing the student's ability in formulating the problem, and judging the correctness of numerical results. Second, fracture mechanics has become the most important tool in the study of aircraft structure damage tolerance and durability in the past thirty years. It seems highly desirable for undergraduate students to get some exposure to this important subject, which has traditionally been regarded as a subject for graduate students. Third, advanced composite materials have gained wide acceptance for use in aircraft structures. This new class of materials is substantially different from traditional metallic materials. An introduction to the characteristic properties of these new materials seems imperative even for undergraduate students.



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