Stealth Warplanes

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From the earliest times when men could recount the past, the tales which the poets sang included those telling of heroes and mighty warriors. The stories reflected a simple "world in which enemies were overthrown by the manly virtues of strength, courage and force of arms. The poets were less kind to those who sought to achieve their end by trickery or stealth; Homer's "wily Odysseus" is less favourably depicted than valiant warriors such as Hector and Achilles. In all these stories, deception and stealth are seen as evil or ill-intentioned, an opinion widely held in many societies. Throughout history, armies have not hesitated to execute enemies found guilty of wearing false colours, while in mediaeval Japan the black-robed ninja was much feared.Это великолепно иллюстрированное издание посвящено самолетам технологии стелс, как наиболее значимым событиям в области авиации. Приподнимая завесу секретности, дезинформации, а также спекуляции вокруг самолета стелс, автор Дуг Ричардсон дает подробный анализ истребителей и бомбардировщиков, которые используют невероятные стелс технологии для поражения противника.



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