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PrefaceEnglish is the universal language of communication used in civil aviation. This dictionary provides the basic vocabulary of terms used by pilots, cabin staff, maintenance crews, ground staff and travellers worldwide. The terms are those used in everyday work on aircraft, and cover parts of the aircraft, manipulating the aircraft on the ground and in the air, instructions to passengers, conversations with air traffic control, weather, emergencies, etc.Unlike conventional aeronautical dictionaries, the Dictionary of Aviation defines vocabulary often found in conjunction with the purely technical terms as well as the technical terms themselves. Simple explanations are presented in simple language, making the dictionary ideal for those working towards a private or commercial pilot’s licence, as well as trainee maintenance engineers and more experienced professionals. We also give examples to show how the words are used in context. We have selected quotations from various specialised magazines to show the words and phrases as they are used in real-life situations. The supplements at the back give further information in the form of tables.We are particularly grateful to the staff at Qatar Aeronautical College for their help in the production of the first edition of this dictionary. Thanks are also due to Stephen Copeland and Gavin Rowden for specialist advice and helpful suggestions during the preparation of this new edition. The information contained in this dictionary is not to be regarded as a substitute for formal training in a given discipline. 



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