Radar handbook

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Radar is an important example of an electrical engineering system. In university engineering courses, the emphasis usually is on the basic tools of the electrical engineer such as circuit design, signals, solid state, digital processing, electronic devices, electromagnetics, automatic control, microwaves, and so forth. But in the real world of electrical engineering practice, these are only the techniques, piece parts, or subsystems that make up some type of system employed for a useful purpose. In addition to radar and other sensor systems, electrical engineering systems include communications, control, energy, information, industrial, military, navigation, entertainment, medical, and others. These are what the practice of electrical engineering is all about. Without them there would be little need for electrical engineers. However, the practicing engineer who is involved in producing a new type of electrical engineering system often has to depend on acquiring knowledge that was not usually covered in his or her engineering courses. The radar engineer, for example, has to understand the major components and subsystems that make up a radar, as well as how they fit together. The Radar Handbook attempts to help in this task. In addition to the radar system designer, it is hoped that those who are responsible for procuring new radar systems, those who utilize radars, those who maintain radar systems, and those who manage the engineers who do the above, also will find the Radar Handbook to be of help in fulfilling such tasks. 



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